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Why Loan Cube® is best for you?

Sometimes you are in a situation, when you need some cash, and you need it quick. When you think that you have no one left to turn to for help, think again. is always here for you, providing you with excellent matching services that allow applying for a loan and receiving it in In as soon as one business day. On our website, you can get matched with a lender who has available loans for you, so you can make a wise and reasonable decision.

Ensure your awareness and understanding of all the terms and conditions associated with the loan, before you sign your agreement. Keep in mind that short-term loans should not be used as long-term financial instruments; otherwise, it may turn out expensive.

Every process associated with your personal information is confidential and secure. We use the reliable 256-bit Verisign encryption to ensure the privacy and security of your information.
Independent of the credit type, you have an opportunity to quality for a loan.

Wherever you are: at home, at the office, or on your way to it, accessing our site from a mobile device, you can conveniently request to be matched with a lender…. Whenever you do it, you can receive a response from one of our lending companies-partners within minutes!

We provide a lot of information on our website, so you can determine if Loan Cube® terms and conditions are convenient and acceptable to you.

Loan Cube®: how to use it?

First of all, you have to fill out and submit our online form, which includes some of your personal information and your expectations of a loan that you need. Our service works by matching you With the lender, who can approve you within our network of lending companies, basing on your needs and such company policies. When you are connected with a particular lending company, you may receive an offer from them (it does not necessarily match your expectations exactly, so you should read through and assess such offer carefully). You may accept or decline such offer. Then, either you will receive the determined sum of money or you will have to re-apply for a loan accordingly.

Information about APR ranges

We do not provide any lending services; instead, Loan Cube® works as a matching service for you and the lending companies in our network. Since Loan Cube® is not a lending company and does not offer any loans directly, we cannot provide you with accurate and exact terms and conditions, regarding the loan you take. We encourage our customers to carefully read through the loan agreement they have to sign with a particular lender in order to receive a loan. Such agreements define exact annual percentage rates (APRs) charged by the lending company in each particular case. Such agreements also disclose other terms and conditions that the customer has to accept and follow. More information is available in the Questions section of our site, or you can send us your request using Contact Us section.

There is a difference between effective and nominal APR. Loan agreement should disclose such details as charges and fees for late payments, missed payments, non-payment, possibility and terms of loan renewal, duration of the loan, other fees and charges and others. These charges and fees affect the effective APR, which can become as high as 2,290% (average), while nominal APR rarely exceeds 200% (average). However, you should understand that APR is not your final financial charge, which should be disclosed later on. You can See a Representative Example document.
Every time you are offered a loan, you have an opportunity to review the exclusive terms of such loan before you sign the loan agreement. Loan Cube® is not a lender and thus it cannot have knowledge or control of your loan agreement, signed between you and the particular lending company.

Consequences of missed payments and other details

Before you have to sign any loan agreement to receive a loan, it is strongly recommended to review and understand the terms and conditions, associated with such loan, hence you are provided such opportunity. The abovementioned document contains all the exact conditions, practices, policies and other information governing your relationship with the lending company. This is disclosed in details in our Rates & Fees and Lending Policy sections.

Non-payment, partial payment, and late payment consequences

Our company possesses no information regarding the exact terms and conditions of the loan agreement, signed between you and the lending company in case you accept the loan offer. Thus, we are unable to provide you with exact and correct information about all possible consequences of such agreement. Loan agreement should include all the terms of the deal, including but not limited to missed payments, late payments, refuse to repay your loan, or inability to pay on time. Such penalties usually result in additional fees and charges, applied to your loan. Exact information about such cases is disclosed in the loan agreement you should familiarize with before accepting the loan. Loan Cube® makes every possible effort to cooperate only with the lending companies that have proven themselves fair and that strictly abide by law, other regulations, and follow the best practices of the industry. If you want to make a complaint about any unfair lending company behavior or other conditions, you should submit your claim to the authorized organizations and may inform us about the issues so that we could review and take actions on our side.

Fees and rates

Our company has no information and no knowledge about exact rates and fees for each loan that can be provided by the lending company that you have been matched with by our service. The exact numbers are available in the loan agreement that you can review before signing it with the lender. You can accept or decline a loan offer after you have read the loan agreement, depending on whether you find the terms and conditions stated in such agreement suitable or unsuitable to you.

Influence of your credit score

Your credit score is usually not affected by the short-term loan services. Loan Cube® does not take any credit decisions and it has no connection to your credit rating. However, some of the lending companies we contract may perform specific checks to determine the possibility of offering you a loan and its terms. In this case, such companies may cooperate with several major credit bureaus, such as: Equifax, Transunion or Experian, to assess your credit score. Another case of such cooperation may happen under the circumstances of late payment, non-payment or other issues with your loan. Such cooperation may include reporting your delinquencies to the credit bureaus, which most probably will result in lowering of your credit rating. Credit counseling companies provide consultations for the customers in case they have any credit problems, so we recommend to turn to such company in case you experience any difficulties or trouble while repaying your debts.

Loan renewal terms and conditions

Loan renewal practices are usually set or limited by the federal and especially state laws. Lending companies must abide by these laws, and their loan renewal policies should be set within the allowed limits. Such policies are thoroughly disclosed in the according loan agreements, you have to sign in order to receive a loan. It is important to pay your loan in time and in full amount, and avoid any cases of late payment, non-payment or missed payment, in order to keep your loan convenient and affordable. We encourage those of our customers, who are not sure that they can pay their debts in full and on time, to consult the Loan Alternative section of our website prior to making a loan decision.

Debt collection

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act issued by the Federal Trade Commission sets the rules and standards in debt collection all over the U.S. The lending companies we contract have to abide by this law and its statements. Loan Cube® also strives to ensure that all of the lending companies in our list use only fair and reasonable collection practices. Loan Cube® itself is not engaged in any collection practices. If you have any questions regarding the debt collection policy and practices, you should address them to your particular lending company.